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Tips and Tricks

Random Tips and Tricks that we at Nordic Tug Charters and long time customers have used to help make our group cruising experiences safer and more relaxed and enjoyable.

1) At some point prior to departure, a day or months, the skipper should establish a breakdown of all tasks that need to be done on a daily basis. Review each task with all party members and ask for volunteers or assign someone to be responsible for each task. Such things as anchoring, docking/mooring, daily engine room protocol (oil, water strainers, filters, etc), cleaning/vacuuming, meals, dish washing, exterior cleaning, and such.

This allows everyone to prepare and be responsible for some part of the days activities. It eliminates who's turn it is to do something and makes a cruise much smoother, relaxed, and enjoyable.

2) When anyone on board is cruising on Alaska waters for the first time, give them the elbow test. Before departure have them put their arm in the water up to their elbow and see how long they can keep it there. Receptivity to wearing flotation devices and all safty oriented measures will take on a whole new meaning.