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Thank you for your interest in the 2017 season

Welcome to NTC’s follow on season Standby List. Thank you for your indication of interest in chartering with us during the 2017 season. Following is an explanation of the purpose and use of the information requested.

Our Standby List (SBL) will typically have 50 to 70 indications of interest for the upcoming chartering season. Historically, during July and August, 40% to 60% of the requests will overlap from one to as many as five other indications of interest. One of the primary objectives of the SBL is to provide NTC with as much charter start and ending date flexibility, as possible, to work through all of the overlapping requests.

Philosophically, our basic premise is that with 6 to 12 months until charter start dates most folks should have some flexibility as to timing.

The longer the time window, within which your charter request can work, the higher the probability we can fulfill your request. A date specific start date will have about a 10% to 20% chance of working during July thru mid September.

We also ask for charter length flexibility. We ask for your preferred length and workable lengths. Example: Preferred length 8 days, workable 7 to 9. As reservations progress, each boats schedule will reflect variable length gap days between charters. Length flexibility will allow NTC to show more reservation possibilities to each charter request.

We also need to know the type of charter of interest: Bareboat – Skippered Bareboat – Skipper and Chef (only on 54’ boat)

For new customers who are interested in a Bareboat charter we require a "Skipper Resume" reflecting significant experience in skippering a single screw diesel vessel of equal size and weight.

Priority Protocol: Thesis – As confirmed reservations increase shorter requests are easier to make work than longer requests, which quickly become impossible. Our longest charter was 42 days.

Tranche 1 – 14 or more days and flotilla requests. (2 boats needing the same start date)
Tranche 2 – 11 to 13 days
Tranche 3 – 8 to 10 days
Tranche 4 – 6 to 7 days

Some additional costs guidance for first time customers. All numbers are approximate and per charter unless noted otherwise.

Required staples package: 18 items, $1.75/per/person/day
Bedding and towel package: Includes pillow and case, queen size sheet, 2 blankets, hand and bath towel. $37/person. Additional individual items can be added. You are welcome to bring your own sleeping bags.
Fishing Rods: Salmon - $40, Halibut $50, Extra Crab pot $18
Transportation package: Airport to Juneau operations float. Includes one shopping stop. $35 plus $13/person.
Single Kayaks - $40/day
Fuel burn/hour at fuel efficient rpm's:
32' 3 gal, 37' 4 gal, 42' 5 gal, 54' 7/8 gal. Average 2015 cost for diesel about $3.25
Insurance fee runs from $20 on a 32' to $50/day on the 54'

We hope the preceding makes sense of the following SBL information request template:

Charter length: How many days would you prefer to charter?
Length flexibility: Please indicate the minimum and maximum duration that would be acceptable to you. The more flexibility in the length of charter usually affords more open availability periods to be considered.
From to
Dates: Please indicate the earliest date your charter could begin, and the latest date it could end. The wider the date range you enter, the more likely we'll be able to find a spot for you.
Earliest possible start date: (MM/DD/YYYY):

Latest possible end date: (MM/DD/YYYY):
Boat: What boat length would you prefer?
Boat flexibility: Please indicate the minimum and maximum boat lengths that would be acceptable to you:
From to .
Group size: Please indicate how many people plan to go on the charter (including yourself). We understand you may not know the precise makeup of the group, but please provide the best estimate you can:

Please indicate the type of charter:
Notes: Feel free to optionally include anything else you'd like us to know while considering your reservation