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Flotilla Information

Over the past few seasons the concept of flotilla chartering has become increasingly popular. Once experienced, it is a concept that has garnered enthusiastic endorsement from its participants. A few of its unique attributes are:

---Safety: Such things as mechanical or electrical failure, grounding, supply shortages, injury, illness, and such issues are all dealt with more securely when two or more boats are cruising together. Multiple boats inherently provide an added layer of safety features.

---Diversity of available daily activities: Each boat can be provisioned for different daily activities. Salmon, Halibut, Crab, and Shrimp fishing plus whale watching, seeing coastal glaciers, beach combing and village visiting can each be set up on designated boats allowing each person to choose their preferred activity for the day. This feature has been very popular as it allows each person to do things they most enjoy.

---Afternoon/Evening rendezvous: Getting back together in a sheltered harbor or dock moorage to share the memorable events of the day. Everyone returning to their sleeping boat and preparing for the afternoon/evening socializing and activities.

With just a little planning all the attributes of the flotilla concept can be custom tailored to a groups specific cruising objectives. With a little creativity a flotilla can provide what many have described as an "enhanced" chartering experience.