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Customer Comments

Spring King Fishing
May 31, 2004
Earl K., Juneau, Alaska

Good morning Joergen, we just got back from our annual trip to Wrangell and had a fantastic time. Your new boat was great and everything ran well. I talked to Brent when we got back. There are a couple of things that I would look at on the next boat.

I don't know if you got any fish blood on the boat on your way up, but we did. The first few days of the trip were great fishing weather but not very good catching weather. We had beautiful sunshine, 65 to 70 degree weather and no wind for the first four days. The trip to Wrangell was spectacular.

We were only able to catch 3 or 4 kings a day for the first 3 or 4 days. I was getting concerned about the fish catching ability of the boat because I know our fish catching ability is fantastic. On the second cloudy day we caught ten kings and kept seven, our limit. The next day we caught 16 kings and the next morning we had 7 kings in 45 minutes. You can rest assured that your boat can catch fish. If somebody questions the boats ability to catch fish you can honestly question their fishing ability. The guys from North Carolina had a great time as always.

My wife and I are moving to Seward. I have not lived outside of southeast Alaska since 1967 except for school. This is going to be a big change for us. One thing that is not going to change is our annual trip to Wrangell. I have already assured the boys from North Carolina that the move "would not" affect the "Fishing Trip". Again, we had a great time and we really appreciate you giving us the opportunity to do this. Thanks again.

Tight lines, Earl k.

June 10th, 2004
Richard M.

The 37' Nordic Tug Vitus is a fantastic vessel with plenty of room for four adults. Don’t worry about bringing all the clothes, equipment, food, etc. you think you will need as the storage capability is unbelievable. Once you are on board you will find a luxury that is quite astounding for a boat that is "right" on the good old briny sea. Full carpeting and upholstered seating make for continuous comfort. The kitchen is a pleasure to work in with every conceivable pot, pan, and tool (including cork screws, crab shell crackers and picks, etc.). There is even a propane barbecue and a crab pot. The shower is quite adequate and the water heater is very efficient with ready access to good steaming water. The electronics are comprehensive with radar, sonar, and GPS. There is even an ability to keep a log and you can hook your laptop up to the electronics if you want to keep your own record. There is a powered dingy that launches easily for visits to shore in places where you can’t dock.

A special addition to the experience is the way that NTC takes care of you after your arrival in Juneau, before and after you get off the boat. They will pick you up and take you for short shopping trips. The staff are extraordinarily knowledgeable, courteous and helpful.

We stopped overnight at Adams Anchorage, Sawmill Cove in Excursion Inlet, Lemeseurier Island, Reid Inlet, N. Sandy Cove, Elfin Cove, Pelican, Hoonah and Auke Bay for a comprehensive and unbelievable experience. Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay was one of the highlights of a life time as was Sawmill Cove which has to be Eden on Earth. The folks at Elfin Cove and Pelican are wonderful and helpful. A wonderful experience.


May 20, 2004
Spring Trip to Wrangell

This May, I flew with two friends from my hometown of Greensboro, North Carolina to Juneau, Alaska for my fifth annual Nordic Tug Charters trip to the Wrangell Salmon Derby and eight days of fishing and fun. My next-door neighbor, Churchill B and his son Churchill, Jr. accompanied me. They have been fishing in Alaska for a long time and invited me along five years ago. I’m a permanent fixture now. In fact, they couldn’t go last year, so I took along my wife, my daughter and her husband rather than miss the trip and Derby.

They had met Earl K. in Wrangell years ago and became good friends. Earl knows King Salmon fishing backwards and forwards as well as the waters around Wrangell. So when Earl moved away to Juneau things changed, but for the better. We fly into Juneau, rent a Nordic Tug from Nordic Tug Charters, and with Earl as our captain we begin a two-day journey to Wrangell. The trip itself is a treat, aside from the fishing.

The comfort of the Tugs, and eating, sleeping, fishing and having fun without leaving the water is special. The fishing is fantastic. We tied for first place in the Derby three years ago, by the way. I’ve made great friends with Earl especially. Levi D. of Wrangell and his wife Kathy have already visited our home in North Carolina. You might have seen Levi’s son Levi D. Jr. on the Discovery Channel recently on a two-part documentary about Alaskan king crab fishing in the Bering Sea. Can’t say enough good things about it. Tight lines till the next time.

John Mc.
Greensboro, NC

June 4, 2004
M & R Family Flotilla Charter

In June ’04 Marg & Rolf H. rented four Nordic Tugs in Juneau for a one week fishing trip in the Icy Straits area – including Swanson’s Cove, Hoonah, Glacier Bay and Elfin Cove. There were 32 persons in all, two Grand Parents, twelve parents ( 6 families), and eighteen Grand Children age 5 to 16. We all live in Whitehorse, Yukon so it was only a short drive to Skagway, Alaska and the Fairweather ferry to Juneau.

What an exciting adventure for the entire family. The services of Nordic Tug were great.

Previously we had chartered two Nordic Tugs for the 12 adults only. Three families joined Marg & Rolf to travel southward to Tracy Arm, Kake, Baranoff Hot Springs, through Peril Strait to Sitka. In Sitka we had a charter flight from Whitehorse, where 3 families who had remained in Whitehorse to look after the grand children, flew to join us for the next week and the other 3 families went home. We cruised on the open sea to the Icy Strait area, Pelican, Elfin Cove, Glacier Bay, Hoonah, Swanson Cove and back to Juneau. A fantastic trip.

We would recommend Nordic Tugs to everyone as they are reliable, can take rough seas and are spacious. They are ideal for fishing – we caught lots of Halibut, King Salmon, and Dungeness crab. We saw countless sea lions, whales, sea otter, seals, and porpoises on both trips.

I am attaching four photographs.

Margaret & Rolf H.

March 17, 2005

Hello NTC,

A reflection and suggestions based on some of our experiences with Nordic Tug Charters over the last 10 seasons:

We feel May and June are the driest and most beautiful months for crusing and exploring SE Alaska.

First, if you anticipate booking a charter I suggest buying what I think is the best guide available, "Exploring Southeast Alaska, Dixon Entrance to Skagway" by Don Douglas & Reanne Hemingway-Douglas.

Two great destinations from Juneau, Glacier Bay (North about 85 miles) and Tracy Arm (South, about 40 miles):

Glacier Bay: Although no permit is required to enter Glacier Bay prior to June 1st you should stop in Bartlett Cove and talk to a ranger about the rules, get suggestions/recommendations as to current activities that might be worth doing or seeing (bear sightings, active glaciers, etc.) Starting June 1st there is a 2 hour limit on the dock at park headquaters in Bartlett Cove, however the anchoring in Bartlett Cove is quite good. There are only a few good anchorages in Glacier Bay. I would not recommend spending the night on the Gustavus public dock. Although the seas may be calm you will rock and roll 24/7 from the wakes of passing boats. Even on the inside you will have this problem plus it can go dry on a very low tide.

Tracy Arm: About half the distance from Juneau as Glacier Bay, and every bit as beautiful, is the cruise up Tracy Arm. You can do the whole trip in a day and it is conviently located along Stephans Passage. Both North and South Saywer glaciers give you the same "calving" experience as Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay, although sometimes the end of Tracy Arm becomes so clogged with floating ice that you can't get as close to the glaciers as you can at Margerie Glacier. In either case, you want to keep a good distance and watch that you don't become trapped by all of the floating ice. Between the wind and the currents, entrapment can happen very quickly. Also, at times there can be a lot of boat traffic going to either of these sites as they are the only glaciers that are still calving into the water in the Juneau area.

Having traveled Stephen's Passage and Chatham Strait many times we have some favorite spots:

Just north of Chatham Straight is Pt. Couverden with nearby Swanson Harbor. We love to stay on the public floats in there; very remote, yet very safe; just be v-e-r-y careful of the numerous submerged rocks on either side of the entrance. Further south, just prior to Tenakee Inlet is a nice anchoring spot called Pavlof Cove, and then around the corner is our all time favorite place in SE Alaska, Tenakee Springs. We love to take the hike on the trail that turns right about 50 yards from the head of the harbor. We always hike in a group and make noise on this and all trails in the area as the highest concentration of of brown bears in the world live here!

Further down Chatham Strait, we also love Baronof Warm Springs and some of the coves in the area, such as Cosmos, Ell, and especially Red Bluff Bay. Please give our best to Christine at the little store in Baronof. She has internet if you want to check email and such.

We haven't spent as much time on Stephen's Passage, but have anchored in a couple of spots in Gambier Bay and have enjoyed it back in there. (Again, c-a-r-e-f-u-l navigation required!!) Spent a windy night on Pleasant Bay. Fortunaltly the anchor was set well because the winds really howled. Also, spent a restless night in Tracy Arm Cove; winds were okay, but a couple of big bergs were floating amongst the dozen or so boats at anchor in there. We much prefer Gambier and/or Taku Harbor to the north.

We feel that every trip we make winds up in the high end of the "Lifetime Memory" category.

Tom B.
Anchorage, AK

September 5, 2006

Thank you for the photos of the 52 foot Nordic Tug. It is a beautiful vessel.

Our last trip for this year, in August, was just as great as our first trip this year in June.

Working with JC and crew was fantastic. The Vitus performed excellent as usual. It was another great experience.

When can I make reservations for next year, 2007? I was planning for June 11th and August 13th or 20th as start dates. Please let me know what is possible.

Thank you again for providing the best experiences of our lifetime.

Jerry K.
Kalispell, MT

October 12, 2006

Hello and Good Day-

The last two summers I have been blessed to spend a long week aboard the Main Event.

All boats have their issues, I worked on boats in the Alaskan Gulf and Bering Sea for 15 yrs and have never been on a boat yet that was unlike another. They all have issues! Boats will always be boats.

I love your little Tug. You guys are the best! The crew, JC and his helpers are great. The Van is great, the new dock is easy and great. I have nothing but good things to say about your company.

The reason I write tonight is to say thanks and would love to send you guys some great photos I have taken over the last two years playing Captain and guide to my loved friends. I think your web site could use a 200lb Halibut and some new pics to spice it up for the 07 season.

Watch for me soon to bring my 3 teen girls up, now that will be a real trip.

Regards, Paul H.

July 12, 2007

Hello NTC,

We had a tremendous amount of fun! Far, far beyond our high expectations. The cruising ground is simply spectacular.

The crew is very friendly and helpful. Jim fixed the electrical problem - that looked like it would end our charter - very quickly on the morning of July 4th: he was ready to start working at 5AM, but we were still asleep, so he didn't start working until 8AM. He had it fixed and checked out so we were ready to go by noon!!!

The transportation service provided by Mina, Jim, and Joe was
extremely helpful.

The Nordic Tug 32 proved to be an excellent vessel for two people.
The galley was nicely equipped.

Thank's for providing this unique opportunity for a life memory erxperience.

David S
Sunland, CA

August 16, 2007

Hi Joergen!

We just received the refund check for cleaning and damage deposits. Thank you. We are now back in triple digit temperature KS. Not so nice.

Our charter was wonderful. We were a bit overprepared for the weather and could have left 2/3 of our clothing behind. But, such is life. SE Alaska is absolutely beautiful and you are of course right in that we now have a new cruising destination. Everyone was most pleased with the boat--Souvenir-- and enjoyed life "out of the weather". Of course we really were not tested too much, having enjoyed many sunny days and little rain.

Thank you so much for accepting we sailors on board your special trawlers and we look forward to the next time. I already have 4 more itineraries planned so we hope to be back in Juneau soon.

Best regards!

Mary H
August 16, 2007

August 30, 2007

Hello Joergen,

We have recently returned from our second voyage this summer and fifth voyage in the last three years. We enjoyed fantastic weather and calm waters which allowed us to fully experience the mountain views, multiple pods of whales, dolphins, salmon and halibut fishing, crabbing, shrimping and just the joy of cruising freeely through the Alaskan Inland Straits.

The 37 foot Nordic Tug Vitus performed flawlessly once again. Jim Clemons, Joe and Brian were very helpful ensuring our vessel was functioning properly and ready for our departure.

Some of our guests had taken Alaskan cruises previously on large cruise ships and were very disappointed that they had wasted their money in comparison to the experience they had with Nordic Tug charters.

Please put me on your list for the June 25th, 2008 and August 19th, 2008 charter weeks. We are looking forward to next summer already.

Thank you for providing the opportunity to experience such a magnificent vacation.

Jerry K

July, 2008


I was recently hired to film a family vacation for a client of yours, on your 54' Nordic Tug "Nordic Star". The float plan was designed perfectly for her friends, son and grandchildren. They fished, crabbed, saw bears, whales and bald eagles, they even witnessed an otter try to steal a fish from their boat. The towns we visited were quaint and charming, and the scenery we took in everyday was outstanding. The captain went out of his way to accommodate the family and the quarters were spacious and comfortable, even for all 8 of us. I was able to capture footage of South East Alaska that was picture postcard, and has turned out to be the most fantastic & naturally beautiful video footage I have ever shot. I look forward to spending more time on your Nordic Tugs!
- John Senften, CA
Experience Media

June, 2009

Hello Joergen,

This was my third trip on Nordic Tugs from Juneau, and about my tenth trip to SE Alaska overall. Each trip has been great, and each time I have been a little more knowledgeable of the area, the water, the boats and things to do. This trip was the best so far, but not my last.

My wife and I were joined by two other couples on the Nordic Star 52. This is a beautiful boat, and very comfortable for three couples on a week-long cruise. The boat is big for a single screw, but it handles very well even for an infrequent skipper from Colorado. It is very well appointed and the attention to detail is impeccable. The Nordic Tug staff in Juneau did a great job of preparing the boat for us and helped ease us into the relaxed attitude that is needed to fully appreciate SE Alaska.

We explored some new areas for me – Tracy Arm was as amazing as Glacier Bay, but much more accessible. The ice was beautiful and we saw 50 or more seals floating on the ice. This was an amazing start to a 7 day cruise. Thomas Bay/Ruth Island Cove was a beautiful anchorage and we had excellent luck with our crab pots. The hike up the waterfall is beautiful and the bay is a great place to spend a night – or two. The sea lion rookery in Stephens Passage on Block Island is fascinating. The whales in Stephens Passage and Frederick Sound put on quite a show, and porpoises in Seymour Canal completed our marine mammal inventory. Birds, beautiful weather for over half the trip, and the overall seclusion and beauty of SE Alaska on a big comfortable boat made for a perfect vacation. I would recommend this trip to anyone that wants to get away from the pace of everyday life and spend some time in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Richard R.
Castle Rock, Colorado

We were one of the other couples on this charter and wanted to add our comments: The trip of a lifetime! The 54 foot tug was perfect for three couples because it had three cabins and two heads. It was also very comfortable in rough seas. The galley and amenities are first class. Having the inflatable dingy provided flexibility to go ashore and explore some of the beautiful remote land sites. The wildlife was plentiful with lots of eagles, whales and seals. All this with the backdrop of scenic glaciers and icebergs.

Joe O.
Director of Business Development for the Lockheed Martin F-22 Program (Retired), LtCol, USAF (Retired)

July, 2009

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this July trip… I know You KNOW that I always enjoy them and I also know You Know how professional and personable Jim and Brian are to all the clients…. But I have to say it. Very accommodating and overall wonderful staff.

The 18 Eagles made a big impression on me. First of all in that it had no issues/problems whatsoever for the week. There was a note in the ship’s log saying it was the “best 42’" this customer had been on and they said they’d been on a few. Well, I’ll 2nd that and say after being on Hull #1 and this one Hull #132 or so… it is configured so well and so nicely and conveniently … it was great to see the vast improvements overall. It did take me a bit to get used to DIGITAL gauges rather than needles though! I especially liked the video sounder on the stern deck for those running the downriggers. For the first time I did not have to Bark Back the depths to those fishing/operating downriggers, yea !

Keith C
Crown Point, IN

July, 2009

We, (our family of 4 and our friends, a family of 3) had an incredible trip in July aboard the Stickeen. We were the first ones to charter this beautiful boat! For most of us it was our first time in Alaska and it was incredible! It far surpassed what I thought it would be. Such pristine beauty, so much wildlife, great fishing, and the boat was super comfortable. We spent 10 days exploring all the way down to Petersburg, Baranoff, Tracy Arm, etc. and I would have liked to continue exploring endlessly!
Can't wait to come back - I miss that glassy water!

Santa Barbara, CA