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Cruising Season


  • One of the two most beautiful crusing months of the year
  • Abundant snow capped landscapes for photographers
  • Generally the driest month of the year and days are getting longer
  • Humpback whales are returning from Hawaii and sea otters can be seen
  • Spring King Salmon fishing runs from the first of May to about mid June. Petersberg/Wrangell and Elfin Cove areas are popular and can be "GREAT" fishing. (See Customer Comments)
  • Somewhat limited Pacific Halibut fishing is available along with Red Snapper, Rockfish, Cutthroat Trout, Dolly Varden, Steelhead, and Shrimp. (see season chart under "Fishing Info")
  • Wildlife are grazing low and are very often seen
  • Birds are flying through Southeast Alaska on their migration north
  • Glacier Bay entry permits are not required until 1 June and Park boat traffic is usually sparse, creating an almost exclusive "Private Park" experience!)
  • The other most beautiful crusing month
  • Days continue getting longer (until the 21st)
  • More Bears on the shoreline eating fresh spring grasses
  • Whale migration from Hawaii prety much complete and whale sightings are numerous and everywhere.
  • Bottom fishing getting better
  • Days and nights are getting a little warmer
  • You can see whales, seals, porpoise and eagles every day
  • Dungeness crab are available
July and August
  • Days are now starting to shorten but still have long daylight hours in SE Alaska
  • Peak time for most fishing, including King, Silver, Sockeye, Chum, and Pink Salmon. Also for Halibut, Red Snapper, Ling Cod, Cutthroat Trout, Dolly Varden, Crab and Shrimp.
  • All whales are feeding and providing great photo opportunities<