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Custom Crewed Charters

Semi-Crewed Participatory charters are an experience available only through NTC. This package is the most flexiable of all packages where we work with you to design a float plan, provide the appropriate crew, and equipment.

You may participate to the level you wish both in daily activities and in structuring the float plan to fullfill your objectives. There is also flexibility while underway. Should a unique oportunity present itself it can be incorportated into the days experience.

Generally there will be either a Captain or a Captain and chef at you service. Other possibilities can be customized if necessary.

We will be happy to discuss this concept in greater detail.

Vessels Available for Custom Crewed Charters:
54' Nordic Star (06)

Accomodates: 8
Staterooms: 3

The flagship of our fleet is the aptly named Nordic Star. The 54’ is the largest and most impressive yacht in the Nordic Tug line. The Nordic Star is powered by a 660hp Cummins diesel engine which can achieve speeds in the teens or cruise around 8 or 9 knots burning less than 5 gallons an hour! ...Read More