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Thank you for your interest in our Add-On packages.

Based on our personal bareboat chartering experiences, we are offering additional services that we as customers would have appreciated being available. Our priorities were having as much time as possible on the water, packing and transporting as little as possible to and from Juneau, and spending as little time as possible running around provisioning a boat!

When thinking about the services our first thoughts had to do with limiting the pieces of baggage both as to number and size. Limiting the amount of time spent running around provisioning the boat was a close second! These thoughts lead to our Transportation, Staples, Bedding & Towels, and Fishing Packages being developed and offered starting with the 2004 season.

Our practical experience gained from chartering, and what we have learned from hundreds of other’s chartering experiences, have been expressed in the design and structure of our Add-On Packages. We know the items that most people need, and in what quantities and sizes, based on the number of people on board and the number of charter days. We have developed data base formulas which calculate what your needs are based on your reservation information. Calculations are designed to provide a small amount of excess because there some things you do not want to run out of! Some of the alternatives can get a little rough!

For our staples package we buy in “wholesale quantities.” Our experience suggests it can actually save our customers not only time, but money. Most people have a tendency to overbuy to be “safe”, and return to the harbor with lots of leftovers. Our package tends to reduce the over buying cost.

Our Transportation package can save several cab rides, the cost of renting a car/van, the hassle of having to return a rental, and standing in the rain and cold at the harbor waiting for a cab.

Our Fishing package can also reduce customer costs associated with packing and shipping fishing pole cases as baggage on the airlines as that can be a significant extra cost.


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