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Welcome to the new NordicTugCharters.com
We have recently upgraded our stand-by list! If you're interested in signing up for a future season, visit the new stand-by list. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Nordic Tug Charter's now offers four distinct charter packages:

1) Self-skippered, self-guided bareboat charters - (32' to 54')
2) Skippered bare boat charters - (37' to 54')
3) Custom Crewed Charter - (54')
4) Fully Crewed Charter

Call 206-919-7887 or use "Contact Us" email for more detailed information. You may also fax Nordic Tug Charters at 425-222-0756.

A little about us and the evolution of our charter offerings:

Nordic Tug Charters has provided power "bare-boat" charters based in Juneau Alaska, using a fleet of high end Nordic Tug trawlers, since 1980. During it's 30+ year history, NTC has transferred ownership a total of one time. We took over ownership 17 years ago and have grown the fleet from 4 Nordic Tugs to 8.

NTC's original roots were firmly planted in the self-guided, self-skippered, bareboat arena. Historically the company has grown organically, fueled 100% by "word of mouth" referrals. As the fleet size grew we expanded our offering to include what we called "skippered bareboat" charters. Time has proven the popularity of the offering and positive customer feedback has led us to a pretty simple concept: Expand our offerings further so as to have something for anyone who wants to experience S.E. Alaskan waters - not just guests with extensive boating experience. Now we're confident we have something for almost everyone!

Want to experience S.E. Alaskan waters?

Alaskan waters are perhaps one of the most spectacular and beautiful areas for cruising in the world. It is where nature still dominates the vast land mass, producing breathtaking and unforgettable sights. If you visit, you will leave part of your heart and soul here and return home with a memorable life experience.

Memories such as:

  • Adrenalin pumping excitement of seeing the live breaching of a humpback whale

  • Sitting in silence, listening to the lightning like sounds of ice cracking and calving on a tidewater glacier

  • Instantaneous response to a sharp jerk on a rod tip and the words "fish on"

  • Everyone huddling up on the stern to see the first discernible shape of something in a surfacing crab trap

  • Awesome magnitude of nature's landscape presentations which a photograph or video cannot replicate

  • Eerily beautiful and peaceful look of an Alaskan sunset

  • Sculptured elegance, unique blue hues, and ever changing silhouette of floating glacier ice

  • We guarantee you will experience something you will never forget. We know the beauty of the area and the wildlife will do their part and we will do everything we can to provide a great charter experience! Let us know if we can provide you with any information or answer any questions.

    Joergen Schade - pronounced "Jergen Shade" (206)919-7887 is available M->F 3 to 7:30pm PST and Sat/Sun 8 to 8

    A Touch of the Wild - Alaska 2009 from Andrew Cooper on Vimeo.